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Practical solutions for common tile installation challenges is not just their company motto; it has been a successful Schluter® tradition since 1975—and why they're one of our trusted partners at Crossville Studios.

For over 35 years, Schluter-Systems has chosen to incorporate recycled material into the manufacturing of many of its products.  They strive to reuse and recycle scrap and regrind materials in production, thus diverting materials from the waste stream.  All of their products are designed to increase the longevity of tile installations, which overtime reduces our carbon footprint!

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The perfect finishing edge

What are Schluter® Profiles? Profiles are a finishing edge of protection and allow movement for floors, walls, counters, and stair joints. They help protect tile edges from cracking or chipping, as well as, offer smooth transitions as they're available in many shapes, colors, and sizes. 

Expansion and contraction can damage a tile. Schluter® Profiles provide transition solutions from adjacent surfaces and integrate movement joints that allow movement to be absorbed from expansion and contraction.

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  • Protect your tile investment

Why are Schluter® membranes important?  They allows your subfloor to expand and contract separately from your tile making it less likely to crack.  By helping maintain the integrity of the tile, they're also protecting your tile installation investment.

For an extra layer of luxury, Schluter® also offers a floor warming and sound mitigating system with Ditra Heat and Ditra Heat Duo.  


Building Panels or Keri-Board and accessories are multifunctional waterproof building panels used to build custom vanities, shelving units, tub surrounds, wall partition—and so much more. All of these products not only provide waterproof barrier, they are also vapor barriers.

Thin-Set Mortar

Using the right Thin-set mortar is crucial. For a successful tile installation, Schluter® has a full line-up of setting materials specially optimized to use with it's membranes and boards. When using Schluter® branded setting materials, you can get a full systems warranty from a single trusted source. 

For more information on Thin-set mortar that's specifically formulated for Schluter® membranes and boards go here

Use these free estimators that will help with your selection:  Membrane Estimator, Ditra-Heat Estimator, Thin-Set Estimator, and Kerdi-Board Estimator.

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Shower Systems

Waterproof System for Tiled Showers

Tiles and grout joints are not waterproof, contrary to popular believe. It's always best to install tile in conjunction with a waterproofing system that effectively manages moisture, vapor, and prevents mold growth.

Schluter® Shower Systems is a complete waterproofing system for tiled showers. This line encompasses Kerdi waterproofing, Drain assemblyPrefabricated Substrates, Accessories , and Shower and tub kits 

See the full Shower System brochure here.

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