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Large porcelain tile panels — both stunning and versatile

Our porcelain tile panels are tiles with outer dimensions measured in feet, not inches, yet lean profiles of just 3+mm or 5.6mm. The combination of the expansive size format with the minimal thicknesses results in a stunningly durable surface skin that may be applied to floors, walls, counters, doors, ceilings, building exteriors — and more. Transform spaces with tile-over-tile installations and get creative with the versatility of these generously sized panels

large porcelain tile panels laminam Product shown: Fokos

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see the Blend collection


Flexible, versatile and inspired by cement, with a special speckled visual effect. Blend reveals remarkably broad-ranging application possibilities, making it ideal for the world of interior design.

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Neutral colors and delicate nuances mark the face of Calce, a line inspired by wet plaster and concrete. The combination results in a soft, chalky visual that is both sophisticated and thoroughly contemporary.

see the Cava collection


With looks as good as natural stone delivered straight from the quarry, Cava brings you all of the style with unsurpassable performance. Utilizing state of the art technology, each vein is rendered to remarkably authentic effect. The result? Supersized stone looks guaranteed to be even better than the real thing.

see the Fokos collection


Sand, earth, salt and rock come together in a palette inspired by Grecian landscape.
Where earth meets man and nature converges with design you find Fokos.

In-Side Laminam panel featured in interior of spa


Inspired by Pietra del Cardoso, a deep-blue grey sandstone mined only in the Apuan Alps, In-Side combines the mixture of natural raw materials with variable grain sizes, resulting in a textural, blended material that is typical of natural stone.

see the i Naturali collection

I Naturali

Maximum freedom of expression and unexplored possibilities in interior design create a unique collection, which enhances the formal elegance of stone in large dimensions, with reduced thickness, easy handling and speedy application

see the Oxide collection


Oxide collection evokes metal that has reacted to sunlight and has been exposed to the weather over time. This collection was devised to embellish settings with character, which has surprisingly become the solution for a total look.

see the Satori collection


Enlightened spaces guide us on our journey to Zen with Satori.  Satori brings an awakening to the surface of design with vast looks manifested in both residential and commercial applications. Satori creates energy flow within the elements of the universe, a  vibration encapsulated within this line.

Black is discontinued with limited stock remaining.

see the Seta collection


Silk—such a luxurious and time-honored fabric—is the inspiration for Crossville’s Seta line of large format porcelain panels. A glance quickly reveals delicate strands weaving through the surface visual. Perfectly dressy, but equally casual, these 1mx3m panels are high fashion. But make no mistake, as captivating as Seta is, underlying strength and performance are the hallmarks of Seta.

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