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Tile as the surface of choice for exterior applications is a growing trend. Both the residential and commercial markets are well-informed about the undeniable advantages of tile over other surfacing options, and, thanks to new product alternatives engineered specifically for outdoor applications, designers have plenty of options to specify to create exceptional outdoor spaces. 

From patios, outdoor kitchens, and walkways to pool areas (in the pool and surrounding spaces) and vertical applications, modern tile offerings are ideal specifications that offer the style, safety, and technical performance these demanding applications require. 

outdoor patio tile Product shown:  Mellow Out 2cm

Let's Take this Outside


The trend toward tile for outdoor spaces reflects designers’ and end-users’ preferences for versatile looks, as well as minimal maintenance and installation longevity. The design possibilities for tile typically far exceed those of other surfacing materials commonly used in exterior environments, as tile can be produced in a plethora of surface visuals and colors with only the limits of imagination. Tile is an innately natural option that is befitting of exterior applications and nature-infused environments yet is notably simple to clean and maintain long-term. 

Today’s tile offerings include thick, paver-like porcelain field tiles in large outer dimensions and with finishes engineered specifically for outdoor applications. These specially manufactured tiles provide the necessary slip resistance to be safe underfoot poolside an in areas exposed to the elements. The looks are stunning and the performance is top-notch for these demanding environments. 

While we’ve often heard of ‘bringing the outside in’ as a design style, today, we’re finding designers who wish to ‘bring the inside out.’ This means they want to bring the conveniences and sensibilities of interior spaces to the outdoors, so that all areas of a building (residential or commercial) can be fully comfortable and functional. Tile definitely supports this trend and makes it simple to create cohesive, flowing looks from inside to out, with all the durability and performance advantages.

outdoor patio tile trending in 2021 Product shown: Bejmet

Dream in Color


What we learned in 2021, design continued to embrace color—from nuanced neutrals to vibrant hues that create standout spaces. The overall trend for the year leaned toward sophistication and urbane elegance. Tile is an ideal surfacing solution to bring in the colors, shades, and tones that interpret evolving color tends and enhance contemporary interior design from wall to floor. 

 With modern tile manufacturing technology, makers are able to not only create colors that mimic the tones of natural materials, but they also can invent hues that are truly unique. This versatility in such a durable, reliable material makes for colorful alternatives for high-traffic, demanding spaces in both commercial and residential settings. For the most current colors taking the spotlight in the coming year, the hues of tile collections for floors and walls offer complementary looks to keep spaces current for trend sensibilities, yet timelessly appealing for long-term aesthetics.

Whatever current color trends take centerstage from year-to-year, we are always on the ready. We curate our tile collections to make it simple for specifiers to find options that answer their projects’ color stories. As color trends emerge, we consistently curate content that calls out products to answer the latest waves, and we provide simple-to-use product search on our site to make selection fun and easy.

dream in color tile trends 2021 Product shown: Color Perspectives

Shop 'Local'


Now more than ever, country of origin matters for those making product selections. It’s important to designers, architects, and end-users to be able to consider materials that are made in the USA, as this provides the assurance of proximity for efficient shipping and supply, as well as alignment with quality standards and ethics that are valued most in the U.S. marketplace. 

Options for American-made tile products have greatly increased over the last decade or more. Today, the range of beautifully designed, technically advanced tile made in the U.S. is vast, representing the best of global and domestic manufacturing. Specifiers need not compromise the latest looks and styles in choosing products manufactured in this country; the offerings we supply are the best of the best. 

Crossville Studios has answered this burgeoning trend by making it simple for designers to find and select U.S.-made products With our quick-reference selection page and Go-To series, specifiers can readily identify tile products that hit on all the right marks in terms of look, performance, and availability. Convenience is always on-trend, and our curated options of domestically manufactured products is a reliable resource for customers.

American made products trending in 2021

Join the Counter Revolution


Get ready for countertops to take center stage in the coming year. Thanks to the availability of advanced materials and the evolving use of commercial and residential spaces, designers, architects, and homeowners alike are increasingly joining the revolution in countertops. In the coming year, look for these versatile surfaces to be used in more places and in unique ways that go beyond the kitchen and bath. 

 We’re already seeing countertops coming to the forefront as a surfacing solution for people making spaces within their homes more viable for extended work and school scenarios and more stylish and appealing overall. 

commercial counters and surfaces Product shown: State of Grace

Join the Counter Revolution


For example, Crossville Porcelain Countertops, 12 mm-thick pure porcelain slabs, are excellent for furniture applications; the beautiful material serves as a gorgeously enduring surface for interior desks and outdoor areas to provide multi-use for those maximizing their home’s interior and exterior spaces.The material is a definite upgrade offering immediate and long-term value thanks to its lasting design style and incomparable durability. This aligns not only with homeowners’ immediate needs and desired uses within (and outside) the home, but it also supports future resale value. 


The application of true porcelain slabs for countertops also addresses the growing focus for healthier, cleaner spaces. Crossville Porcelain Countertops are resistant to moisture, cracks, and stains, won’t yellow even in outdoor areas, and are extremely low maintenance. Unlike natural stone countertops, this material does not require sealing or treatment with harsh chemicals. Specifiers can have the unique looks they love for countertops with no compromise in the healthy qualities that they demand for their surfaces.


The marketplace as a whole—both commercial and residential design—is increasingly discerning about the appearance of countertop surfaces. Modern porcelain countertops are manufactured to capture a wide-range of looks. The surface visuals are nuanced and convincing yet also very consistent, so that designers can select options with the assurance that the appearance of the installed product will match what they selected at the launch of a project. This design predictability is a major plus when clients/end-users want an authentic look without variances that may occur with other countertop materials such as natural stone.

commercial counters and surfaces trending in 2021 Product shown: State of Grace

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