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Why design with porcelain tile

Porcelain tile is the ultimate surfacing solution for modern design. It is actually a kind of ceramic tile that is designated ‘porcelain’ by meeting stringent, exacting standards of strength and moisture resistance. The body of porcelain tile is typically made from the same or similar raw materials as traditional ceramic but in different proportions and fired at much higher temperatures. This powerful combination creates tile with heightened strength and less than .5% water absorption, allowing it to outperform even real granite. With so much power baked in, porcelain tiles are suited for even the most demanding commercial applications and a range of outdoor uses. Porcelain tile withstands heavy foot traffic, is impenetrable to water and stains, and holds up to extreme temperatures beautifully.

Crossville Studios curates an amazing selection of porcelain tile collections to answer nearly any application imaginable. Whatever the project or application, we’re sure to have a porcelain tile collection that is ideally suited for what you need: commercial and residential, indoor and outdoor, horizontal and vertical surfaces including exterior cladding, and wet and dry applications. 

Our porcelain tile options not only hit all the marks for superior technical performance, but they also cover the gamut of looks and designs styles. Crossville Studios offers truly innovative, leading edge porcelain tile products that are crafted with the most current tile manufacturing technology, including amazingly high resolution digital printing. Porcelain tile created with digital printing can capture the incredibly detailed and accurate surface visuals of natural stone, concrete, wood, and other popular materials. There’s also no limit to the potential colors and surface patterns you will find in porcelain tile.

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