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Beloved for centuries and popular today, glass tile is always a beautiful addition to decor. Though this material has a long history of use, modern glass tile collections are more versatile and functional—and even more widely installed—than ever before thanks to advancements in technology. Crossville Studios offers a vast assortment of glass tile collections that represent the plethora of variations to be found in this exciting category. 

If you think glass tile is synonymous with mosaic tile, think again. Glass tile is offered in a wide range of sizes and shapes that make the material well suited for many unique surfacing applications. Also, there are many types of glass tile. Options include color-backed/fused, smalti, sintered/pressed, and recycled glass options; each alternative offers unique looks, surface treatments, and styles. No matter what size, shape, or type of glass tile you may design with, you will be able to choose from a rainbow of colors to create stunning surfaces.

With its exceptional performance characteristics and lasting design appeal, glass tile is an excellent specification for so many applications—both commercially and residentially. Glass tile is popular for walls bathrooms and powder rooms, kitchen backsplashes, and swimming pools. It’s also an excellent accent for walls, as it often complements other surfacing materials. It’s a great choice for adding visual appeal and enduring performance in hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The design experts at Crossville Studios are your trusted partners in identifying glass tile products to match your project’s specific needs.

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Glass tile brings a bevy of unique styles to transform spaces.

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