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The 20mm | 2cm porcelain paver is the right solution for any outdoor flooring project. These collections includes all the trims and accessories needed to meet the design needs in outdoor settings, from pedestrian walkways to rooftop patios or swimming pools including steps and pool coping. 

  • Hard-wearing
  • Anti-slip
  • Weather resistant
  • Withstands heavy loads

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outdoor patio pavers Product shown: Campground 2cm
backyard chill 2cm exterior flooring surface

Backyard Chill 2cm

 A classic stone look with a smooth surface and color palette of warm and cool shades. Backyard Chill is accented by light veining and fine grain detail, acting as the ideal stone for any contemporary space.

Available colors: 3

Campground 2cm outdoor patio pavers

Campground 2cm

A rich and modern wood look porcelain paver with light knots and a medium grain that reflect the essence of nature. The color palette fits easily into any outdoor space, creating an inspiring covering that can stand out or blend in with the setting.

Available colors: 4

exterior pavers Home Turf 2cm series

Home Turf 2cm

A stone effect rich in meticulous fragments of various stones, sedimented and embedded in the material, allow nature to indirectly enter the living spaces. 

Available colors: 4

Middle Ground 2cm exterior pavers

Middle Ground 2cm

Inspired by old concrete and stone walkways, Middle Ground combines old city charm with modern style. The deep color palette lends itself to both interior and exterior spaces - creating a beautiful aged effect.

Available colors: 4

Standing stone exterior flooring surface

Standing Stone 2cm

A rich natural looking limestone effect with subtle grain variations and texture.The design is crafted to reference multidimensional stone, with a look that is suitable for a variety of living spaces.

Traveler's Rest 2cm pavers

Traveler's Rest 2cm

Create the low maintenance look of travertine with Traveler’s Rest, an elegant 2cm porcelain paver inspired by nature. The look is refined and earthy, creating a natural and worn look that gives the perfect touch to any outdoor space.

Wood You Dare 2cm exterior pavers

Wood You Dare 2cm

A rustic wood look with a medium grain, capturing the detailed surface of mountain trees.

Installation Information

Dry install
  1. Grass — set directly on grass or on a gravel base leaving a gap for grass to grow between the joints.
  2. Gravel — set on crushed stone or gravel and allow for thick or thin joints to be filled with fine sand.
  3. Sand — set on level and compacted sand.

Thinset install on concrete slab — great for applications where there are heavy loads
  • Install on level concrete slab using exterior rated thinset.
  • Leave ⅛ inch wide joints and be sure to respect expansion and control joints.

Raised install — perfect for terraces or rooftops
  • Level out uneven or sloped surfaces using the adjustable pedestal system. 
  • Allow for rainwater drainage.
  • Ability to run utilities, wires, conduits under pavers with easy access.
  • Allows for ventilation, favoring better thermal insulation and absorbs expansion and structural shifting.
  • Lightweight: with the elimination of the concrete bed, the raised system allows for a substantial decrease of the weight that stresses the structure and a tangible decrease in cost.

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Installation tips for 2cm exterior pavers Product shown: Wood You Dare 2cm

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